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AUF Tip Sheet

  • Payments can only be made from original invoices.

  • To check the payment of an invoice or reimbursement, use the Banner form FAIVNDH and enter the appropriate vendor number.

  • Itemized receipts, guest lists, business purposes, and relationship to AU are required for all guest/ business meals.

  • Guest meals should not exceed $90.00 per person, tips and tax included.

  • Tips/ gratuities for meals should be 15%-18% of the pre-taxed subtotal.

  • One-day travel, when there is no over-night stay, allows $11.25 for meals when travel is 6-12 hours and $30.00 for 12 hours or more.

  • Gift certificates are not allowed to be purchased or reimbursed.

  • Intra-city mileage is not allowed for reimbursement. Mileage used for business travel is calculated from place of employment to destination.

  • Standard mileage is set to the regional airports. (See AUF Travel Policy)

  • AUF is not exempt from paying taxes. Invoices should have tax added when paying through AUF.

  • The average amount spent on flowers for births, funerals, etc should not exceed $70.00 plus any wire fees. Any exceptions will require advanced approval from the appropriate AVP.

  • AUF will only reimburse for the price of a coach airfare ticket.

  • Alcohol is only reimbursable when incurred in conjunction with entertainment of donors or prospects.

  • Tickets to non-AU events such as concerts, plays, etc, will not be used as cultivation tools. Any exception to this policy requires the approval of the appropriate AVP.

  • Rental car insurance should not be purchased when traveling on business. Employees are covered under the University policy. An insurance letter is available if needed.

  • Dev. Accounting processes vouchers Monday-Thursday.

  • Please allow 3-5 business days for processing vendor/ travel vouchers, once they are received by Dev. Accounting, if no additional information is needed.


Last Updated: August 10, 2017