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AUF Payment Services
How to Process a Payment

***All payments should be processed on either
an AUF vendor voucher or an AUF travel voucher.***

  • All invoices processed on a vendor voucher should include:

    • Original invoice.
    • Vendor name, address and vendor number.
    • Fund, organization number, account code, and program number (activity code if applicable) to which the payment should be charged.
    • Invoice number and date.
    • Description of invoice or customer account number with that vendor.
    • Amount of invoice.
    • Business purpose for payment.
    • All authorized signatures required.
    • Official guest lists for events/meals and their relationship to AU.
    • Recipient names of any gift/memento/award.

  • Vouchers should be prepared with at least one line per invoice number.
  • All invoices for tangible merchandise paid through AUF should have tax included.
  • All invoices should be paid within 30 days of invoice date.
  • AUF does not pay late charges, etc.
  • If charges are split between two or more FOP’s, the person responsible for each FOP must sign the voucher before payment can be made.
  • If the voucher preparer needs the payment check returned to them, it should be clearly indicated on the voucher.

  • All travel vouchers should include:

    • Payee’s name, work address, and vendor number.
    • FOP to be charged for travel.
    • Itinerary for dates traveled, including time of departure and return.
    • Original receipts for hotel, rental car, fuel, parking, etc.
    • Itemized receipts for guest meals.
    • Guest names for meals, etc and their relationship to AU.
    • Payee’s signature and date.
    • All authorized signatures required.

  • Meals should be claimed according to the appropriate per diem for that location when traveling over-night.
  • If there is no over-night stay, the payee can only claim the one-day meal amount, according to time traveled.
  • Standard mileage is set to the regional airports.
  • Travel reimbursements should be submitted within 30 days after returning from trip.


Frequently Used Account Codes
Registration Fee70280
Membership Fee70650
Office Supplies70935
Guest Meals70360
One-Day Meal70285 (no over-night stay)
Business Meal70350 (employees only)
Entertainment Exp70365 (football tickets, etc)
Postage Stamps70070
Express Mail70055
Office Printing70780
Donor Memento70380
Promotional Exp70710 (AU pins, shakers, etc)

Last Updated: August 10, 2017